Statement on Good Teaching

At Indian Springs, educational excellence starts with a culture of respect.

From the earliest writings that brought our school into being, we have referred to ourselves as the “school community,” conspicuously linking teachers and students into a passionate and welcoming academic village. We celebrate the idea of Learning through Living and seek to instill in students a lifelong love of learning and creativity, a sense of integrity and moral courage, and an ethic of participatory citizenship with respect for individuality and independent thought.

As members of a vibrant boarding community where nearly half of the faculty live on campus, our students and teachers have the opportunity to continue inspired conversations beyond the classroom. Because our Student Government is set up like a town council, run by students with the guidance and support of the faculty and administration, our students build on these important relationships as they practice balancing freedom and responsibility in community life.

Bonds created at Indian Springs among students and students and teachers often last a lifetime. In and outside the classroom, we inspire our students to reach their potential by learning to think creatively, ask meaningful questions, make honorable choices, learn from mistakes, respect one another, and participate in their world. We invite you to explore the six key relationships that our faculty have identified at the heart of good teaching.

Key Relationships

Our Classrooms


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  • Photo of Jonathan Gray

    Jonathan Gray 

    Assistant Head of School for Academic Affairs, Math Teacher
  • Photo of Weslie Wald

    Weslie Wald 

    Dean of Faculty, Spanish Teacher
  • Photo of Christine Copeland

    Christine Copeland 

    Academic Center Coordinator