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Clubs & Activities

At Indian Springs School, every club is student-managed. 
Responsibility rests with its student members, who collaborate with a faculty advisor. This reflects our belief in individual and group initiative and ensures that clubs are expressions of student engagement. Clubs and activities may change from year to year, but they mirror the interests, concerns, and values of those who drive the experiences forward: our students.

2020–2021 Student Clubs & Activities

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  • Black Student Caucus

    Black Student Caucus creates a space for Black students to discuss issues facing the Black community within and beyond schools and to reach out to students at other schools.
  • Book Club

    Book Club holds discussions on fun, new books and includes in-depth personal reflections on books beyond the school curriculum.
  • Bridge Club

    Bridge Club fosters a welcoming community that teaches and improves students' Bridge skills to increase one's mental acuity, learn from mistakes, and have fun.
  • Bringing Change to Mind

    Bringing Change to Mind (BC2M) is a student-led club initiative that encourages teens to explore mental health topics in a safe and supportive environment in order to normalize conversations and eliminate stigma within their communities.
  • Christianity Club

    Christianity Club promotes the discussion of the beliefs of the Christian religion, its history, and its presence in the modern world.
  • Computer Programming Club

    Computer Programming Club connects students interested in programming and prepares them for competitions.
  • Fishing Club

    Fishing Club fishes on the Indian Springs lake and seeks to create an inclusive space in which all students may participate.
  • French Club

    French Club seeks to become more familiar with French culture and linguistics through the study of the French-speaking world's history, culture, language, and politics.
  • Gender & Sexuality Alliance

    Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) provides a safe place for people of all genders and sexualities to discuss queer issues and artists and to develop a sense of pride within the school community.
  • Junior United Nations Assembly

    Junior United Nations Assembly (JUNA) participates in the JUNA conference, a student-run model United Nations Assembly for Alabama students, educating on the importance of using one's voice and learning about the world.
  • Key Club

    Key Club is an international student organization that provides students with opportunities to serve others, build character, and develop leadership skills.
  • Latin Club

    Latin Club is a space for enthusiasts of classical antiquity, particularly Ancient Rome, to geek out with one another in a fun and informative environment.
  • Logic on Board

    Logic on Board fosters critical and logical thinking skills through board games, discussion forums, and logic concepts to build the basis of a mathematical mind.
  • MATCH Engineering

    MATCH Engineering invites students to write science-related papers, one of which is selected each month for publication in the University of Alabama's MATCH magazine in its own column.
  • Math Club

    Math Club fosters intellectual curiosity and meets to solve interesting problems, discuss problem-solving techniques, and host student presentations on captivating mathematical topics.
  • Mock Trial

    Mock Trial teaches club members about trial and court procedures, which they put into practice against other schools at competitions.
  • Model United Nations

    Model United Nations is a simulation of the United Nations in which students act as delegates from different countries and work to solve real issues based on their assigned country's policies.
  • Neo Junto

    NEO JUNTO provides an environment for discussion and mutual exchange of knowledge among students.
  • Outdoor Club

    Outdoor Club hosts activities like hiking, biking, and tubing to promote stress relief and develop a life-long love and respect for the outdoors.
  • Paw Pals

    Paw Pals works to aid organizations that promote animal welfare on a local and national scale.
  • Psychology Club

    Psychology Club discusses topics in psychology and debates different ideologies and important psychologists.
  • Records & Roasts

    Records and Roasts listens to good music and drinks good coffee as a community.
  • Robotics Club

    Robotics Club uses teamwork, time management, and the method of iteration to design and build a competition robot for the Vex robotics competitions.
  • Scholar's Bowl

    Scholar's Bowl creates a supportive community where students learn trivia facts and represent the school at state competitions.
  • Songwriting Club

    Songwriting Club offers a collaborative space for students to encourage each other to express themselves musically.
  • Sounds of Springs

    Sounds of Springs gives students a platform to speak candidly about topics that interest them through the writing, production, recording, and editing of a podcast.
  • Spanish Club

    Spanish Club prepares students for the Spanish Convention competitions and provides a productive outlet to improve language proficiency.
  • Speech & Debate Club

    Speech and Debate Club prepares students to speak with informed confidence and effectively debate relevant issues at the local competition circuit.
  • Springs Speaks

    Springs Speaks provides a platform for students to present on the topic of their choice to the school community.
  • Sustainability Club

    Sustainability Club advocates for sustainable practices within the school and broader Birmingham community by educating others, collecting trash, and organizing fundraisers to support environmental efforts.
  • Talk About It Club

    Talk About It Club creates a safe, comfortable space for teens to share with each other, meet new friends, and provide peer support.
  • The Woodward Post

    The Woodward Post is an online monthly newspaper written, edited, and published by the students of Indian Springs School. Click here to read the latest issue.
  • Ultimate Frisbee

    Ultimate Frisbee invites students to learn a fun sport and engage in physical activity.
  • UNICEF Club

    UNICEF Club hosts fundraising and educational events to support the United Nations Children's Fund in their efforts to provide humanitarian and developmental aid to children worldwide.
  • Young Democrats

    Young Democrats encourages civic engagement, meaningful political discussion, and student awareness of political issues.