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We are dedicated to providing the highest teaching standards for our students in a caring, respectful, and safe environment—one where students can follow their passions as they develop a love of learning and creativity, a sense of integrity and moral courage, and an ethic of participatory citizenship with respect for individuality and independent thought.
To that end, our Student Health Services program integrates clinical health services, physical fitness, athletics, health education, nutrition, mindfulness training/practices, and counseling support as we seek to promote health and wellness in all its forms. Recognizing our responsibility to educate young people about the importance of both physical and emotional health and the habits necessary to support healthy choices, we continue to build curricula and programs to address specific health and wellness topics. These include stress management, substance abuse and risky behaviors, self-care, respect for others, consent, school-life balance, and navigating issues such as identity, social anxiety, belonging, and achievement.

Our new peer mentorship program gives students an opportunity to explore additional topics, such as peer pressure, loneliness and isolation in the social realm, social media and technology, and study skills, with their peers. Our goal, through this programming, is to enable our students to be their best selves as they navigate the unpredictability of adolescence.

Student Resources

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  • Health Clinic

    Our clinic is located near the dorms, athletic fields, and gymnasium. Facilities include an examination room and separate rooms for boys and girls. Our clinic provides health support to our students in a caring and confidential manner. Our clinic is staffed by an Registered Nurse (RN) Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., and an RN is on call after hours.
  • Counseling Office

    Our School Counselor, Rebecca Mahayag, works with students on a confidential basis around a variety of issues and concerns including adjustment and homesickness, stress management, depression, anxiety, grief and loss, eating concerns, substance abuse, sexuality, relationships, and family issues. All services are provided for free. Appropriate referrals to local practitioners are made when necessary. Sometimes, students have challenges and concerns that do not directly involve or impact them, but they want to help. Ms. Mahayag can be a good resource to talk with about how to help a friend with a specific issue.

    You may visit with Ms. Mahayag at her office in Town Hall, or visit our clinic and speak to Nurse Wammack, our Director of Student Health Services. You may also call Ms. Mahayag on her office phone at 205.332.0579.

Indian Springs Covid Policy

Indian Springs follows current CDC guidelines for Covid isolation. Students who suspect they may have Covid should isolate until receiving a negative test. Students who test positive for Covid should isolate and not come to school in the five days following the test or five days after they first develop symptoms. The day they tested positive or first had symptoms is Day 0, and the next full day is Day 1. Students may return to school beginning on Day 6, provided they are fever-free for 24 hours (without using fever-reducing medication). They should wear a high-quality mask indoors through Day 10 or until testing negative. Note that isolation is not required for students who may have been exposed but do not have symptoms and have not tested positive.

Our Advising Program

Our motto, Learning through Living, embodies our tradition of creating space for students to do and try and fail (and try again and do something completely different) and open themselves to creating a meaningful life. The role of adult community members in this process is both a delicate and essential one.
Students are assigned to a faculty advisor at the start of each school year. Advisors meet weekly with their small group of 7 to 11 advisees to discuss topics ranging from current events in the news to understanding and working through Bruni's sphere of influence to discussing the impact of sleep on academic performance. Advisors are also available to meet with students individually throughout the school year for conversations that lend themselves to one-on-one mentorship. In these individual meetings, students also have an opportunity to discuss grades and courses and any experiences that might hinder their ability to be at their academic best.

Our core values (innovative thinking, intellectual curiosity, integrity, inclusion, infinite respect, and involvement) guide our work with students. In many supportive advising relationships, there is a significant overlap between how faculty interact with students as teachers and coaches and how we interact with them as advisors. 
Our goal is to support students as they make sense of their freedom, independence, academic trajectory, and organic relationships in this educational environment. Many students will forge natural connections with teachers, coaches, and other staff here. For the students who might not make those connections as quickly, the advisor and the advising group can be the built-in structure that supports them as they learn through living.

Healthy Relationships

As a key component of our commitment to providing a safe and supportive learning environment, and in keeping with our Statement on Good Teaching, we promote healthy relationships and appropriate boundaries among our community members through our student and faculty policies and programming. In our wellness curriculum, newly enhanced advising program, and new “community conversations” series, we talk regularly with students about our core value of “infinite respect”; consent and sexual intimacy; maintaining boundaries; and building healthy relationships. Our faculty and staff receive annual training with nationally recognized experts in creating safe school cultures, identifying and enforcing clear boundary guidelines, and establishing guidelines that support students’ developmental growth and social integration.

Click here to read about our commitment to student safety and well-being and to explore our Code of Conduct for employees, and Read 'N' Heed for students and parents.


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    Rebecca Mahayag 

    School Counselor
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    Amy Wammack, RN 

    Director of Student Health Services, Cross Country Coach
    205 937.6637
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    Weslie Wald 

    Dean of Faculty, Spanish Teacher
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    Hunter Wolfe 

    Dean of Students, Economics Teacher, Soccer Coach
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