Student Life

Health and Wellness

Our students’ health, safety, and well-being are our top priorities.
Indian Springs remains dedicated to providing the highest teaching standards for our students in a caring, respectful, and safe environment—one where students can follow their passions as they develop a love of learning and creativity, a sense of integrity and moral courage, and an ethic of participatory citizenship with respect for individuality and independent thought.
To that end, our Student Health Services program integrates clinical health services, physical fitness, athletics, health education, nutrition, mindfulness training/practices, and counseling support as we seek to promote health and wellness in all its forms. Recognizing our responsibility to educate young people about the importance of both physical and emotional health and the habits necessary to support healthy choices, we continue to build curricula and programs to address specific health and wellness topics. These include stress management, substance abuse and risky behaviors, self-care, respect for others, consent, school-life balance, and navigating issues such as identity, social anxiety, belonging, and achievement.

Our new peer mentorship program gives students an opportunity to explore additional topics, such as peer pressure, loneliness and isolation in the social realm, social media and technology, and study skills, with their peers. Our goal, through this programming, is to enable our students to be their best selves as they navigate the unpredictability of adolescence.

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  • Photo of Anne Cook Burruss

    Anne Cook Burruss 

    School Counselor, Dorm Faculty
  • Photo of Amy Wammack, RN

    Amy Wammack, RN 

    Director of Student Health Services
  • Photo of Weslie Wald

    Weslie Wald 

    Dean of Students for Grades 11-12, Spanish Teacher, Dorm Faculty
  • Photo of Hunter Wolfe

    Hunter Wolfe 

    Dean of Students for Grades 8-10, Economics Teacher, Dorm Faculty

Commitment to Student Safety

Educational excellence begins with a culture of respect. At Indian Springs, we are dedicated to providing a safe, supportive, and healthy learning environment for our students. Click here to read about our commitment to student safety and well-being and to explore our updated Code of Conduct for employees and 2021-22 Read 'N' Heed for students and parents.

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  • Student Health Facilities & Services

    Indian Springs' clinic is strategically located near the dorms, athletic fields, and gymnasium. Facilities include an examination room and separate rooms for boys and girls. Our clinic provides health support to our students in a caring and confidential manner. Our clinic is staffed by an RN Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and an RN is on call after hours.
  • Counseling Support

    Indian Springs provides counseling support to students struggling with issues of personal growth, capacity for healthy relationships, and academic engagement.

    Our School Counselor, Anne Cook Burruss, works with students on a confidential basis around a variety of issues and concerns:

    • adjustment and homesickness
    • stress management
    • depression
    • anxiety
    • grief and loss
    • eating concerns
    • substance use
    • sexuality
    • relationships
    • family issues

    All services are provided for free. Appropriate referrals to local practitioners are made when necessary. Sometimes, students have challenges and concerns that do not directly involve or impact them, but they want to help. Ms. Burruss can be a good resource to talk with about how to help a friend with a specific issue.

    Come to the Student Life Center in Town Hall. Speak with Ms. Burruss or Ms. Amy Wammack, our Director of Student Health Services. You may also call Ms. Burruss on her office phone at 205.332.0579.
  • Health Insurance

    Indian Springs requires that all students have appropriate health insurance to cover any major illnesses or accidents. Health Services will determine if a family’s policy meets the minimum coverage required by the school. If the policy is found to be insufficient, the school can recommend a policy that provides the proper coverage. For international students, travel insurance will not provide coverage for students at Indian Springs.

    Email our Admission Office at to learn more.

Healthy Relationships

As a key component of our commitment to providing a safe and supportive learning environment, and in keeping with our Statement on Good Teaching, Indian Springs promotes healthy relationships and appropriate boundaries among our community members through our student and faculty policies and programming. In our wellness curriculum, newly enhanced advising program, and new “community conversations” series, we talk regularly with students about our core value “infinite respect”; consent and sexual intimacy; maintaining boundaries; and building healthy relationships. We provide regular training for our faculty and staff as well; in 2017–18, we hosted a special session about boundaries featuring David Wolowitz, a nationally recognized expert in creating safe school cultures, identifying and enforcing clear boundary guidelines, and establishing guidelines that support students’ developmental growth and social integration.