Abroms Scholarships

The Andy Abroms Memorial Scholarship Fund provides resources for Springs students to engage in meaningful and intellectually challenging summer experiences.
The Andy Abroms Memorial Scholarship Fund was established at Indian Springs School in 1997 through a generous gift from Hal and Judy Abroms in memory of their son Andy Abroms '77. Scholarships awarded through the fund support student participation in a wide variety of educational summer study programs.

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  • Places of Study

    To be considered, summer programs must last a minimum of five days and be sponsored by colleges, universities, and other reputable institutions that foster educational growth by offering math, science, and engineering camps, political and law programs, dance and theater company programs, foreign exchange and immersive language programs, museum programs, and student research and internship opportunities. Independently planned programs and service-learning programs are also eligible. Applicants are strongly advised to research and seek a program that is tailored to their particular interests and possible career paths. Scholarships are not awarded for outdoor leadership or adventure programs or vacation-based travel.
  • Eligibility

    Students currently in grades 9-11 are eligible to apply. Past Abroms Scholars are eligible to apply again.
  • Selection

    The merits of the program, the student’s academic and citizenship records, and the financial impact on the student are considered by Indian Springs’ Abroms Scholarship Committee in making awards. Generally, grants range from $300 to $2,000 and are awarded based on cost, the scholarship applicant pool, the financial need of the student, and other factors. Grants of higher than $2,000 will be considered based on cost of program and student need.
  • Other Information

    All Abroms Scholarship recipients will be expected to present reports of their summer study experiences to the entire school community and to the Abroms family. Students will also be asked to provide photographs and an overview of their experience as requested. For more information about possible programs and opportunities, please contact the Student External Engagement Committee at For more information about the scholarship application process, please contact the chair of SEEC, Weslie Wald, at

2019 Scholars

Grace Brown ’21
Lincoln Douglas Debate
Stanford University
Frances Carraway ’20
Washington University
Sophia Cheng ’20
Leadership for Social Change
Tufts University
Ashton Dudley ’20
Adolescent Psychology
Brown University
Molly Frohsin ’20
Japanese Culture
CIEE Summer Abroad
Lily Geisen ’21
Crime Scene Analysis
Boston College
Julia Goldberg ’20
Ramah Israel Seminar
Summer Abroad in Israel
Virginia Gray ’20
Environmental Leadership
Brown University
John David Haws ’20
Theater Arts
Northwestern University
Jordyn Hudson ’21
Civil Rights Advocacy
ACLU Institute
Catherine Kung ’22
Clinical Neuroscience
Stanford University
Dylan Le ’20
Syracuse University
Alek Ledvina ’20
Business Leadership
University of Michigan
Eleanor Lee ’21
Miami Music Festival
Carina Lim ’21
DNA-Based Biotechnology
Brown University
Labdhi Mehta ’20
Cancer Biology
Emory University
Clara Rominger ’21
Spanish Culture
EF Intensive Program in Spain
Ellie Sabel ’21
Rhodes College
Parker Schell ’20
Columbia University
Aeacus Sheng ’21
Physical Sciences
Imperial College of London
Hudson Wang ’22
Molecular Genetics
Duke University
Nyssa Youhn ’21
Crime, Crisis, and Genocide
Northwestern University

Application Information

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  • Deadline

    Indian Springs will offer two deadlines for 2019 Abroms Scholarships. Students are encouraged to apply by the first (primary) deadline: Friday, March 15, at 4:00 p.m. Awards will be announced by the first week of April. For students who make summer plans after March 15, a second application deadline, Thursday, April 11, at 4:00 p.m., is available. Awards from the second round of applications will be announced the week of April 22.
  • Process

    The application to be a 2019 Scholar involves two parts: a prospectus and an electronic form.

    Your prospectus needs to be typed (2-4 pages) and must include the following:
    • a header that includes your last name and graduation year;
    • a short description of the program you have chosen (include a working link to the program webpage and/or a working link to a brochure detailing the program);
    • a short essay of how the program would benefit you as a scholar;
    • a short essay of how the program would enable you to contribute to the Indian Springs School community;
    • a brief explanation of the total cost of the program, including all fees, transportation, and other expenses;
    • the dollar amount you are requesting;
    • and an explanation of how you will personally contribute to the cost of your program.
    Submit your completed prospectus by attaching it as a PDF in the electronic form, which is linked here.