Student Life

The school-community exists for the purpose of providing an environment in which each individual can develop to their full stature.
Why are we here?

These words, paraphrased from Article I of the Indian Springs School Constitution, succinctly answer that question for us. We are here as individuals in community to begin to develop to our full stature.

Being an Indian Springs School student is all about development. It's about honing existing skills and interests and discovering new ones. It's about forming healthy, meaningful relationships with your fellow students and your teachers. It's about continuing the lifelong process of learning what it means to be a person in this world. It's about equipping ourselves with the tools we need to make good choices, choices that benefit not only ourselves, but especially benefit the common good and well-being of our communities.

You have an abundance of opportunities at Springs to do all of these things in the classroom, on our athletic fields, in our performing arts spaces, and in innumerable other gatherings, formal and informal, throughout your time here at Springs. You can find out more about those opportunities on the pages of this website.

During your time here at Springs, we hope you will make it a practice to ask yourself, "what can I do to make this better?" Our school constitution says, "the members of the Indian Springs school-community affirm that students and teachers do not have to accept themselves or their surroundings as they are but that it is within their power to improve both through participation in constructive change." Springs is an experiment in democracy in the small. We look forward to seeing how you engage in it.

List of 3 members.

  • Photo of Hunter Wolfe

    Hunter Wolfe 

    Dean of Students for Grades 8-10, Economics Teacher, Dorm Faculty
  • Photo of Weslie Wald

    Weslie Wald 

    Dean of Students for Grades 11-12, Spanish Teacher, Dorm Faculty
  • Photo of D'Anthony Allen

    D'Anthony Allen 

    English Teacher, Student Life Coordinator, Dorm Faculty