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Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson is credited with having said, “There is no greater education than one that is self-driven.”
The intellectual aptitude and fortitude of Springs students has long been a source of pride, as has the students’ freedom to choose the essential components of their Springs experience. The difference between students going to high school and students spending their high school years driving their education is what young people have the chance to experience as members of the Springs community.

Springs’ student life opportunities make it easy for a student to be a high achiever in the classroom, head the fencing club, participate in Youth Legislature, excel on the soccer field, and still focus on cultivating their musical talents. With all of our many student-led clubs (those existing, and those future Springs students will create), choral ensembles, theater productions, student government, music groups, and scholastic and athletic teams, students decide which opportunities work best together to create the education that will inspire their love of learning and prepare them for a fulfilling future.

Driving your own education is a lot of responsibility and requires courage to be thoughtful and self-reflective. The conversations we have in our weekly advisory meetings are a starting point for those explorations and can support your independence in the process. You will also have the support of teachers, coaches, student leaders, and clubs’ faculty sponsors, who actively chose a profession that makes space for talking with students about their interests, goals, and dreams.

At its best, a Springs education nurtures each student’s academic, social, emotional, and extracurricular proclivities. When you look through all of our offerings, pay attention to what gets you excited. If the thing that sparks your intellectual fire is missing, it is never too early to start imagining how you can bring your interest to Springs and make it a meaningful part of your education.
Janae A. Peters, LMSW
Dean of Students

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