Commitment to Student Safety

In December 2017, in an effort to understand our past fully and to make clear our dedication not only to those students who are here today but also to the generations of alumni who have loved and supported Indian Springs over the years, Head of School Dr. Sharon Howell and the Indian Springs School Board of Governors invited anyone in Indian Springs' extended community of alumni who may in the past have experienced sexual abuse or misconduct by adults at Indian Springs, regardless of when the incident occurred, to contact Sharon at or 205.332.0603. We are grateful to members of our community who have shared their feedback with us. The school has engaged Martha Van Oot and Daniel Schwarz of Jackson Lewis, PC, to review reports that we receive.

Consistent with our commitment to student safety, Indian Springs has published its updated Code of Conduct for employees and its 2018-19 Read 'n' Heed for students and parents. 

Click the links below to read Sharon's messages to the community on this important topic.