Indian Springs' highest priority is the safety and well-being of its students. 
In December 2017, in an effort to understand our past fully and to make clear our dedication not only to those students who are here today but also to the generations of alumni who have loved and supported Indian Springs over the years, we invited anyone in Indian Springs' extended community of alumni who may in the past have experienced sexual abuse or misconduct by adults at Indian Springs, regardless of when the incident occurred, to contact us. We are grateful to members of our community who have shared their feedback with us. The school has engaged Martha Van Oot and Daniel Schwarz of Jackson Lewis, PC, to review reports that we receive.

Links to Indian Springs' messages to the community on this important topic are provided on this page.

In addition, we have been assessing and refining the policies and programs that protect our students. We have updated our Code of Conduct for employees, which outlines the behavioral expectations and standards of conduct for our community, as well as our 2021-22 Read 'N' Heed for students and parents. Further, Indian Springs is committed to an environment where open, honest communication is the expectation, not the exception. In order to remove as many barriers as possible from reporting misconduct or other policy violations and bringing such concerns to light promptly, Indian Springs offers a variety of methods for making a report.

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  • Direct Reporting

    Information about how students may report concerns directly is provided in the Read ‘N’ Heed, our handbook for students and parents. There, students are advised to speak to the school counselor, the school nurse, an administrator or advisor, or a trusted adult about any concerns the student may be having. The person who receives the report will make sure it reaches the proper channels for investigation. In providing these resources, we want to fulfill not only our legal and reporting obligations, but our moral obligation as educators and caretakers. Employees should feel comfortable reaching out to the Head of School or the Director of Finance and Operations.
  • EthicsPoint

    While we prefer to learn about potential misconduct or other policy violations by speaking directly with those involved, we recognize that sometimes an individual may be reluctant to come forward because of privacy or other concerns. In that case, reports may be made (anonymously or not) through EthicsPoint, an interactive online website that provides hotline services to numerous academic institutions throughout the United States. We maintain an EthicsPoint website exclusively for Indian Springs. You can view the website through the link provided under “Ways to Report a Concern or Incident.”

    Through EthicsPoint, Indian Springs now provides a direct, online means of reporting potential misconduct or other policy violations confidentially, with the option of either anonymous or attributed reporting. The online reporting options span a range of possible issues from student to employee concerns and from financial improprieties to harassment and assault. Reports submitted to EthicsPoint will be handled as promptly and as confidentially as possible, consistent with school policies and applicable state, federal, and local laws.

    We expect EthicsPoint to improve our ability to identify and respond effectively to concerns raised by our community members.

Ways to Report a Concern or Incident

Daniel Schwarz (Principal, Jackson Lewis, PC)

Reports may also be made through Indian Springs' confidential web intake,, or by calling 844.764.2361. The website and number are hosted externally by EthicsPoint.

Letters to the Community