Visual Arts

Indian Springs Visual Arts

Whether with a lens or a paintbrush, Indian Springs encourages students to express themselves creatively.

Indian Springs invites students to explore the visual arts through a variety of media. Courses include Photography, Drawing and Painting, Pottery and Sculpture, Illustration, and AP Studio Art. Each semester a Student Art Show displays student works from each medium. The Art Club is also very active, often taking field trips to museums and galleries.

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  • Photography

    Students are offered three Photographic Art classes: Beginning Black-and-White Analog, Advanced Analog, and Digital. All basic photographic compositional and lighting concepts are emphasized, culminating in the perfect print, achieved using professional custom printing techniques and the finest archival materials available. Students frequently participate in local art contests and exhibits. Their work is always showcased in the semester’s ending Student Art Show. The Photography program also offers a second semester Yearbook Layout Class.
  • Drawing & Painting

    These courses are comprised of processes including research, design, fabrication, documentation, and exhibition.  Students explore the design process through various approaches to drawing and painting. They discover how to create space and form through mark making, value, perspective, and color. Subjects include still life, landscape, portrait, and the human figure. Learning about the principles of design strengthens students’ compositions. By keeping a sketchbook/journal, students have the opportunity to practice techniques and explore individual interests.
  • Illustration

    This course comprises research, design, fabrication, documentation, and exhibition. “A book club with drawing” was one student’s way of explaining it, and that is a very good way to think of this course. It will use the history of illustration as an anchor, but incorporate digital as well as traditional media. Texts will range from tweets to novels. We will skype or meet with professionals in the field.
  • Pottery & Sculpture

    These courses comprise of processes including research, design, fabrication, documentation, and exhibition. Work is done in a number of materials, from fiberboard and hot glue, to virtual design and 3D printing, to traditional ceramic hand-building techniques of pinch, coil, and slab. Additionally, students begin working on the wheel. Concepts covered include the design process and the elements and principles of design.
  • AP Studio Art

    This course comprises research, design, fabrication, documentation, and exhibition. It functions within the structure of the college board’s AP portfolio requirements, but develops differently for each student. In many ways it works as an independent study, but is designed for group critique and dialogue. There are field trips to local and regional studios and institutions. Requires teacher approval.


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    Clayton Colvin 

    Art Chair, Art Teacher
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    Michael Sheehan 

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