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I read and taught John Green’s Looking for Alaska long before I knew Indian Springs School existed. In that novel, Pudge finds himself getting to know people who likely would have never been in the same social group in any other educational situation. That rings even more true on Springs’ campus today.

On any given night in our dorms, the students who are in the common rooms working, laughing, playing Go or Bananagrams, listening to music, or watching a sports game or movie together are constantly creating community with other young people from areas of our world they might never have encountered if they had not decided to board at Springs.

Residential life at Springs is all about community. In some places, community is what they call the people and programs that exist. At Springs, community is what we strive actively to create. Each residence hall has a director, four houseparents, two resident advisors, and one senior scholar. The staff works to understand what students need in order to feel that they are a part of the community.

Community here is not a static concept. Creating is not a one-time deal. It has the potential to be always happening and the flexibility both to hold different perspectives and to convey different needs. Boarding students at Springs are intentional members of our community who come from many places and bring with them many experiences and gifts. Residential life is at its best when we are learning with and from each other in our everyday lives.

Living in a dorm presents many opportunities for expanding your interests, your independence, and your concept of who you are and how you relate to others. It is one thing to know and learn about yourself. It is a completely different thing to know and learn about yourself—academically and personally—in a residence hall with 40 people who reflect 40 ways of being. Boarding life can set you up to appreciate routine and to be more responsible, a better listener, a better collaborator. I invite you to learn more about yourself as part of this intentional, enriching community.
Janae A. Peters, LMSW
Dean of Students

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