Welcome Home.

Students from across the street and around the world make an ideal boarding community because all share something: personal experiences. What makes Indian Springs special is its diversity.
It brings together individuals and helps them create a community. Boarding builds bridges between people and cultures, creating opportunities for new styles of learning, understanding, and growth. At Indian Springs, boarding is about being here, being with people who care and being one of us. Whether in the common rooms of their dorms or on the sandy beach by the lake, students can appreciate what it is to live and learn in a truly unique environment. And at Indian Springs, close to one hundred students can share in late-night pizza parties, study groups, weekend walks, or trips to the museum. Sharing meals with your classmates, your friends, and your teachers creates that feeling of sitting with your family around the table.
Amanda Griffin
Director of Residential Life

Meet Our Team

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  • Photo of D'Anthony Allen

    D'Anthony Allen 

    Student Life Coordinator, English Teacher, Dorm Faculty
  • Photo of India Allen

    India Allen 

    Dorm Faculty
  • Photo of Hallie Barrett

    Hallie Barrett 

    Dorm Faculty
  • Photo of Neil Barrett

    Neil Barrett 

    English Teacher, Dorm Faculty
  • Photo of Amanda Griffin

    Amanda Griffin 

    Director of Residential Life, Dorm Faculty
  • Photo of James Griffin

    James Griffin 

    English Teacher, English Department Chair, Dorm Faculty
  • Photo of Bob Pollard

    Bob Pollard 

    Biology Teacher, Dorm Faculty
  • Photo of Lori Pollard

    Lori Pollard 

    Dorm Faculty
  • Photo of Dragana Obradovic

    Dragana Obradovic 

    Dorm Faculty
  • Photo of Marjan Obradovic

    Marjan Obradovic 

    Physics Teacher, Dorm Faculty