Student Government Leaders Elected for Spring 2022 Semester

Congratulations to the students who have been elected to serve as Student Government leaders during the spring semester of the 2021–22 school year!

Mayor: Joseph Katz '22

Commissioners of Boarding: Olivia Li '23, Frank Zhao '23
Commissioners of Citizenship: Elijah Baay '22, Lily Naylor '23
Commissioners of Education: Courtney Chen '23, Gus Colvin '23
Commissioners of Protection: Elizabeth Spradlin '23, Chloe Williams '23
Commissioners of Recreation: Lucy Craig '23, William Giattina '24
Commissioners of Services: Nora Barton '23, Lucy Gardner '22

8th Grade Representatives: Julia Butrus '26, Avelina Storr '26
9th Grade Representatives: Rosa Schwebel '25, Jason Wu '25
10th Grade Representatives: Jin Cho '24, Thomas Nabors '24
11th Grade Representatives: Laurel Impello '23, Rezi Ubogu '23
12th Grade Representatives: Olivia Honeycutt '22, Sheri Peng '22

These students were selected by their peers in elections held in December. The mayor and commissioners will govern in Indian Springs’ distinctive Town Hall format, providing leadership to the community and directing aspects of student life during the spring 2022 semester.