Student Government Celebrates Successful Scav Hunt 2021

Thirty-two teams, representing 175 students and faculty members, tackled 100 tasks as part of this year’s annual schoolwide Scav Hunt, held September 13-25. 
The hunt was compiled and scored by the twelve-member Scav Hunt committee. Tasks ranged from creative (creating a 5-minute craft video) to performance-based (making a music video for the national anthem) to athletic (hitting a golf ball at the driving range).
Placing first in the competition was team “Swag Hunt,” made up of Madison Forman ’24, Sophia Graham ’24, Virginia Slaughter ’22, Chance Smith ’25, Mylo Waara ’24, and history teacher Kelly Jacobs, followed closely by second-place winner “Barrett's Carrots.” Team “Little Einsteins” placed third, with “Hazal’s Hedge Fund” and “Swag” rounding out the top five.  
Members of the Scav Hunt committee, which included Mayor Andy Schwebel ’22, Adrienne Belser ’22, Ruby Harris ’25, Olivia Honeycutt ’22, Bruce Lanier ’22, Cynthia Li ’23, Lucas Li ’24, Harshil Mehta ’22, Yusuf Ozaydin ’24, Rezi Ubogu ’23, Carlton Wallwork ’23, Reece Youhn ’22, and faculty advisor Stephanie Thomas, celebrated team achievements Monday at Town Meeting.
The Indian Springs' student government will donate $1,000 to The Red Barn, the charity of choice for the first-place winning team. The family of team member Chance Smith '25 generously agreed to match the donation if the team won, so The Red Barn will receive $2,000 in total.