Stream Movies and TV Series Made by Indian Springs Alumni

Indian Springs School is proud to be the alma mater of several alumni who are now working in the film industry. Below is a list of movies and television series that our alumni have written, directed, produced, acted in, or worked on as a crew member. Each title on the list is currently available to watch for free on the streaming service indicated. As you look for ways to stay entertained at home, we hope you will enjoy these titles!

Please note: Several of these titles are intended for mature audiences only; please check the ratings we have included for each title. Only TV series that an alum worked on for more than three episodes were included in this list. TV Series marked with an asterisk indicate that the alum worked on the series for more than three episodes, but did not work on the entire series. To see which episodes an alum worked on, please visit their IMBD page (linked below).

Watch on Hulu
Austin Powers in Goldmember (Movie, PG-13) | Michael McCullers ’87 (Writer)
Dracula (1979) (Movie, R) | John Badham ’57 (Director)
Game of Thrones* (TV Series, TV-MA) | David Hill ’02 (Writer, Editor)
Looking for Alaska (TV Series, TV-MA) | John Green ’95 (Writer)
Saturday Night Fever (Movie, R) | John Badham ’57 (Director)
Saturday Night Live* (TV Series, TV-14) | Michael McCullers ’89 (Writer)
The Fault in Our Stars (Movie, PG-13) | John Green ’95 (Writer, Actor)
Thunderbirds (Movie, PG) | Michael McCullers ’89 (Writer)
Undercover Brother (Movie, PG-13) | Michael McCullers ’89 (Writer)
WarGames (Movie, PG) | John Badham ’57 (Director)

Watch on Netflix
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (Movie, PG-13) | Michael McCullers ’89 (Writer)
Criminal Minds* (TV Series, TV-14) | Hanelle Culpepper ’88 (Director)
Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation (Movie, PG) | Micheal McCullers ’89 (Writer)
Jonathan (Movie, TV-MA) | Bill Oliver ’86 (Director)
Orange Is the New Black* (TV Series, TV-MA) | Sipiwe Moyo ’01 (Actor)
Limitless* (TV Series, TV-14) | Sipiwe Moyo ’01 (Actor)
Supernatural* (TV Series, TV-14) | John Badham ’57 (Director)
The Flash* (TV Series, TV-PG) | Hanelle Culpepper ’88 (Director)

Watch on Amazon Prime Video
Falling in Love with the Girl Next Door (Movie, TV-PG) | Sally Nemeth ’77 (Writer)
Night Gallery* (TV Series, TV-PG) | John Badham ’57 (Director) 
Nikita* (TV Series, TV-14) | John Badham ’57 (Director)
Psych* (TV Series, TV-PG) | John Badham ’57 (Director)
Star Trek: Picard* (TV Series, TV-MA) | Hanelle Culpepper ’88 (Director, Producer)
Wiener-Dog (Movie, R) | George Dellinger ’80 (Sound Producer)

Watch on Tubi
Clown (Movie, R) | George Dellinger ’80 (Sound Producer)
Nick of Time (Movie, R) | John Badham ’57 (Director)
The Automatic Hate (Movie, NR) | George Dellinger ’80 (Sound Producer)
Tower of Silence (Movie, TV-14) | Sipiwe Moyo ’01 (Actor)

Watch on HBO Now
Another Stakeout (Movie, PG-13) | John Badham ’57 (Director)
Bright Lights (Movie, TV-14) | George Dellinger ’80 (Sound Producer)
Games of Thrones* (TV Series, TV-MA) | David Hill ’02 (Writer, Editor)
Stakeout (Movie, R) | John Badham ’57 (Director)

Watch on Crackle
Blue Thunder (Movie, R) | John Badham ’57 (Director)
Drop Zone (Movie, R) | John Badham ’57 (Director)
Short Circuit (Movie, PG) | John Badham ’57 (Director)

Watch on Vudu
American Flyers (Movie, PG-13) | John Badham ’57 (Director)
Clown (Movie, R) | George Dellinger ’80 (Sound Producer)
The Retrieval (Movie, R) | Nadia Robertson ’05 (Casting)

Watch on CBS All Access
Criminal Minds* (TV Series, TV-14) | Hanelle Culpepper ’88 (Director)
Star Trek: Picard* (TV Series, TV-MA) | Hanelle Culpepper ’88 (Director, Producer)

Watch on PBS
Alabama Bound (Movie, PG) | Lara Embry ’87 (Director, Producer)
Mr. Dial Has Something to Say (Movie, PG) | Celia Carey ’87 (Director, Producer)
Quiltmakers of Gee’s Bend (Movie, PG) | Celia Carey ’87 (Director, Producer)

Watch on Cinemax
Baby Mama (Movie, PG-13) | Michael McCullers ’89 (Writer, Director)

Watch on Disney+
Right on Track (Movie, TV-G) | Sally Nemeth ’77 (Writer)

Watch on IMBD TV
The Curse of the Starving Class (Movie, R) | Kristin Fiorella '95 (Actor)

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