Student Government Hosts Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Indian Springs’ Student Government brought 19 teams of students and teachers together virtually by challenging their creativity in an online “scavenger hunt.”

Compiled and scored by a 12-member committee*, the hunt included 100 unique tasks that team members could complete without leaving their homes. Examples include recreating famous paintings using Photoshop, reenacting scenes from film and television, writing and performing music, and recording tutorial videos.

Team Galhz (Lexi Hodson ’20, Alice Goff ’20, Grace McCarty ’20, Hayden Schell ’22, and Zola Thompson ’22) and Team Stanford Rejects (Hendrik Dahlmeier ’20, Julia Goldberg ’20, Luke Hillegass ’20, Harshil Mehta ’22, Labdhi Mehta ’20, and Ben Standaert ’20) tied for first place.

The Indian Springs Student Government made a donation of $250 to the World Health Organization COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund in honor of the winnings teams.

*Members of the committee included Mayor John Slaughter ’20, Madi Baay ’22, Caroline Bates ’22, Dede Driscoll ’20, Evan Dunbar ’20, Victoria Kindall ’21, Eleanor Lee ’21, Krystal Li ’22, Simon Ma ’22, Virginia Slaughter ’22, Jack Walley ’20, and Hudson Wang ’22.

Click here to watch a highlight video created by Virginia Slaughter ’22.