Indian Springs Students Awarded at State French Convention

Fifty-four Indian Springs students participated in the 2020 Alabama Federation of French Clubs Convention, held February 28 at the University of Alabama. The team received 20 individual and group awards.

Competing in Levels I (Beginner) through IV (Advanced), students were recognized with the distinctions Supérieur (top quality), Très Bien (very good), and Bien (good).

Level III — Anna McCormack ’22

Extemporaneous Reading
Level IV Bien — Emma Wang ’20
Level III Supérieur — Caroline Beisher ’22
Level III Très Bien — Amitis Moradkhani ’22
Level II Très Bien — Elise Picard ’23
Level II Bien — Adelia Crawford ’23
Level I Très Bien — Yusuf Ozaydin ’24
Level I Bien — Laurel Impello ’23

Extemporaneous Speaking
Level IV Très Bien — Molly Frohsin ’20
Level IV Très Bien — Aidan Meador-Woodruff ’20
Level III Supérieur — Carina Lim ’21
Level III Supérieur — Kennedy Tyson ’22
Level II Supérieur — Catherine Kung ’22

Individual Oral
Level IV Très Bien — Lily Geisen '21
Level III Supérieur — Anna McCormack ’22
Level II Supérieur — Mayu Nakano ’23
Level I Très Bien — Norah Roller ’23

Written Test
Level IV Supérieur — Alek Ledvina ’20
Level IV Très Bien — Aidan Meador-Woodruff ’20
Level III Bien — William Kong ’23

Group Skit Performance
Très Bien — Molly Frohsin ’20, Olivia Honeycutt ’22, Lily Geisen ’21, Hooper Markert ’21,
Parker Schell ’20, Dede Driscoll ’20, Elizabeth DePalma ’20, K.C. Owens ’21, Catherine Goodrich ’20, Miles Robinson ’20, Carina Lim ’21, Anna McCormack ’22, Sawyer Impello ’21, Christopher Bradley ’22, and Kennedy Tyson ’22.

Group Choral Performance
Très Bien — Nora Barton ’23, Courtney Chen ’23, Lucy Craig ’23, Mimi Frei ’23, Laurel Impello ’23, Tatum Kelley ’23, Leo Liu ’24, Paul Lou ’24, Elise Picard ’23, Abby Richie ’22, Eve Socolof ’24, Linda Sun ’22, Aurelie Walker ’23, and Carlton Wallwork ’23.

“I am extremely proud of them, not only for their success in the competition but also for the outstanding manner in which they represented our school,” said French teacher and coach Dr. Jonathan Horn.

Special thanks to chaperones Jan Fortson, Margaret Blackerby, William Blackerby, Cal Woodruff, Amelia Johnson, and Elise Frohsin P ’20.

Congratulations to all, and go Springs!