Student Government Celebrates Successful Scav Hunt 2019

Forty-three teams—representing 222 students and faculty members—tackled 100 tasks as part of the sixth annual schoolwide Scav Hunt, held September 4–13.
The hunt was compiled and scored by an 11-member committee. Tasks ranged from creative (re-creating scenes from movies and television shows) to performance-based (reciting the Gettysburg Address in the Town Hall Rotunda) to athletic (making a half-court shot in the gym).

The team Galhz—made up of Lexi Hodson '20, Alice Goff '20, Grace McCarty '20, Sophie Reiff '20, and Zola Thompson '22—placed first in the ten-day competition, followed closely by second-place winner Curly Girlies—Caroline Antoon '23, River Cardwell '20, Haden Embry '20, Anna McCormack '22, Amitis Moradkhani '22, and Spanish teacher Weslie Wald, and third-place winner Frög—Hendrik Dahlmeier '20, Bob Fu '21, John Slaughter '20, Virginia Slaughter '22, and Mark Underwood '23. All three teams earned more than 3,000 points.

Members of the Scav Hunt committee, which included Mayor John David Haws ’20, Catherine Belser '20, Catherine Goodrich '20, Gibson Goodrich '23, Olivia Honeycutt '22, Nancy Hu '22, Jordyn Hudson '21, Lillian Jacobs '23, Sela Komisar '22, Paul Weir '21, and mathematics teacher Stephanie Thomas, celebrated team achievements Monday at Town Meeting.

The Indian Springs Student Government will present a $1,000 check to Special Equestrians, the charity of choice for first-place winner team Gahlz.