Springs’ First JUNA Team Attends Annual Conference

Founded in 2018 by Victoria Kindall '21, Springs’ first-ever Junior United Nations Assembly of Alabama (JUNA) Team participated in the 2019 JUNA Annual Conference on Jan. 31–Feb. 1.

An opportunity for eighth graders to experience how the United Nations works, JUNA gathers more than 75 teams from across the state to identify issues in countries around the world and work together to propose and present solutions during an annual two-day conference.

Springs’ team—comprised of Gibson Goodrich '23, Mayu Nakano '23, Elise Picard '23, Phoebe Rominger '23, Rosa Sabel '23, Anne Maison Barbaree Tasker '23, and Madeline Williams '23 (Team Captain)—chose to represent the country Yemen, where an ongoing war has resulted in a humanitarian crisis in which citizens lack access to adequate water, food, and shelter.

The team’s proposed solution passed the first round of review by the Human Rights Committee and the second round by the General Assembly, from whom they received a final vote of 39–9. They received a Judges’ Spirit Award Honorable Mention for their enthusiasm.

Way to go on your first conference, Team Springs!