Student Government Leaders Elected for Spring 2019 Semester

Congratulations to the students who have been elected to serve as Student Government leaders and Judiciary members during the spring semester of the 2018–19 school year!

Mayor: Maya Cassady '19

Commissioners of Boarding: Carina Lim '21 and Anton Maninang '20
Commissioners of Citizenship: Dede Driscoll '20 and Virginia Gray '20
Commissioners of Education: Labdhi Mehta ’20 and Luke Hillegass ’20
Commissioners of Protection: Ilan Goldfarb '19 and Bob Fu '21
Commissioners of Recreation: Ryan Aldaher '20 and Ashton Dudley '20
Commissioners of Services: Logan Mercer '19 and Trenton Williams '19

8th Grade Representatives: Gibson Goodrich '23 and Anne Marshall Strang '23
9th Grade Representatives: Christopher Bradley '22 and Andy Schwebel '22
10th Grade Representatives: Clara Rominger '21 and Victoria Kindall '21
11th Grade Representatives: Jack Walley '20 and Matthew Dale '20
12th Grade Representatives: Swapnil Patel '19 and Krishna Josyula '19

Judiciary Members: Olivia Li '23, Virginia Slaughter '22, Simon Ma '22, Bob Fu '21, Jordyn Hudson '21, Hooper Markert '21, Ryan Aldaher '20, John David Haws '20, Jack Markert '19, Maya Cassady '19, and Nadia Lane '19.

These students were selected by their peers in elections held December 12–14. The mayor and commissioners will govern in Springs’ distinctive Town Hall format, providing leadership to the community and directing aspects of student life. Judiciary members will rule on infractions of student rules and standards during the spring 2019 semester.