Weslie Wald

Modern & Classical Languages, Spanish
At Indian Springs Since: 2015

M. Ed., University of Alabama at Birmingham (P-12 Foreign Language Education, 2013)
B.A., University of Alabama at Birmingham (Spanish, Magna Cum Laude, 2010)

Personal Note:
“My overarching goal as an educator is to help students become knowledgeable, responsible, and accepting lifelong learners and global citizens.  I encourage them not to view cultural and lingual differences as ‘correct’ or ‘incorrect’ but to think critically about why and how certain worldviews may be different, and how to navigate those differences wisely. I endeavor to model the philosophy of learning even as an adult, beyond the classroom, and I hope that through my class they see ‘speaking a language’ as more than putting words through a mental or physical translator, but actually communicating by seeking and establishing healthy connections with people of various backgrounds and cultural perspectives.”