Jerolyn Ferrari P ’20

Atlanta, Georgia
Joined Board in 2018
Occupation: Deputy County Attorney, Fulton County, Georgia
Education: B.A., Dillard University; J.D., Emory University

Personal Note: "Indian Springs School is strongly committed to the development of every student’s unique abilities and talents. The rigorous curriculum, with a college preparatory emphasis, ensures that students are equipped for excellence in all areas of their lives. There is a keen focus at Springs on personal responsibility and self-governance within the student body. This inspires the students to be great leaders and role models. Students at Springs are involved, engaged, and positively impact others through their service and school spirit. They have a sense of purpose and ownership in the school. Our daughter was very encouraged by the supportive environment and mentors in the boarding program. During her school years, we appreciated the cooperative relationships between the students, parents, faculty, and administration. Stewardship on the Board of Governors is such a privilege, and it is gratifying to serve with a coalition of kind, caring people in the community."