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Student Government Leaders Elected for Fall Semester

As the spring semester draws to a close, we congratulate these students who have been elected to serve as Student Government leaders and Judiciary members during the fall semester of the 2017-18 school year!
Mayor: Mark Romero ’18
Commissioners of Boarding: Cher Hu ’18 and Sean Park ’18
Commissioners of Citizenship: Sarah Toms ’18 and Tate Shuttlesworth ’18
Commissioners of Education: Danielle Wu ‘18 and Ken Jiao ’18
Commissioners of Protection: JD Haws ’20 and Grace O’Malley ’18
Commissioners of Recreation: Kadie Jacobs ’19 and Constantine Giattina ’19
Commissioners of Services: Chloe Miller ’18 and Max Simon ’19
9th Grade Class Reps: Jordyn Hudson ’21 and Maggie Richards ’21
10th Grade Class Reps:  Luke Hillegass ’20 and John Slaughter ’20

11th Grade Class Reps: Liv Komisar ’19 and Abigail Shepherd ’19
12th Grade Class Reps: Delaney Porter ’18 and Katie Wiatrak ’18
Judiciary: Jordyn Hudson ’21, Ryan Aldaher ’20, Ashton Dudley ’20, Maya Cassady ’19, Jack Markert ’19, Ava Davis ’18, Bela Patel ’18, Mark Romero ’18, Peter Scalise ’18, Tate Shuttlesworth ’18, Sarah Toms ’18
These students were selected by their peers in elections held May 22-24. The mayor and commissioners will govern in Springs’ distinctive Town Hall format, providing leadership to the community and directing aspects of student life. Judiciary members will rule on infractions of student rules and standards during the fall 2017 semester.
Congratulations to all!

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