Student Life

Student Government

Students can hear the world “responsibility” anywhere. At Springs, they learn what it means and put it into practice.
Our school is our town. At Indian Springs, student self-governance is at the heart of Indian Springs School and its traditions. This means that students and faculty work together, using the school’s Constitution, to manage and address day-to-day individual and collective responsibilities. Our Student Government then serves as a shared voice in determining how we operate and evolve.

Shared governance means shared responsibility for every student. Elected town officials may manage the larger issues, but each student makes choices every single day, from choosing classes and managing schedules to creating opportunities for identified needs.

Working well with others is a distinct characteristic of an Indian Springs student, and shared government helps contribute to this goal. Elections for Student Government are held twice a year—mid-year and year’s end—to ensure the vibrancy and representative character of Student Government. Candidates for office give speeches at a Town Meeting, and an election follows.

The Student Government is comprised of our Mayor, six Commissioner positions, the Judiciary, and one or two representatives from each class. They meet weekly to tackle issues, embracing our motto of Learning through Living.

Our Student Government Structure

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  • Mayor

    Kadie Jacobs '19

    The duty of the mayor is to provide leadership for the community “in building a greater understanding of the aims and purposes of the community.” Mayors are also responsible for running Student Government meetings, making sure that the commissioners are doing their jobs, leading Town Meetings, and dealing with problems within the community.
  • Commissioners of Education

    Krishna Josyula ’19 & Jack Markert ’19

    The Commissioners of Education run the tutoring system. They also sit in on Academic Committee meetings and help students with any problems they might ha
  • Commissioners of Citizenship

    Mia Karle ’19 & Cody Zhou ’19

    The Commissioners of Citizenship find speakers and organize projects for Development Day and keep students informed of any service projects around the school and community. They also organize orientation at the beginning of the year.
  • Commissioners of Protection

    John Slaughter ’20 & Ariana Young ’20

    The Commissioners of Protection ensure everyone's safety while at school. They are also responsible for campus recycling.
  • Commissioners of Recreation

    Graham Holder ’19 & Trenton Williams ’19

    The Commissioners of Recreation provide entertainment on campus, including after-school and weekend activities. They also organize Lake Day, Student Concerts, and recreational activities on Development Day, the school's semiannual day of service.
  • Commissioners of Boarding

    JD Haws ’20 & Emma Wang ’20

    In addition to enforcing the rules in the Read ‘N’ Heed, they serve, along with the proctors, as the student leaders in the dormitories.
  • Commissioners of Services

    Matti Rose Lawrence ’19 & Ally Stallings ’19

    The Commissioners of Services run the Student Store throughout the day.
  • Class Representatives

    8th Grade: Henry Jacobs '23 & Lillian Jacobs '23
    9th Grade: Joey Zhu ’22 & Harshil Mehta ’22
    10th Grade: Paul Weir ’21 & Thomas Adrian ’21
    11th Grade: Avary Lanier ’20 & MaryElla Woolf ’20
    12th Grade: Lisa Hobdy ’19 & Nadia Lane ’19

    Class representatives represent their grades in Student Government meetings, organize class activities, and help welcome and engage classmates.
  • Judiciary

    Simon Ma ’22, Virginia Slaughter ’22, Bob Fu ’21, Jordyn Hudson ’21, Hooper Markert ’21, Ryan Aldaher ’20, Deven Patel ’20, John Slaughter ’20, Maya Cassady ’19, Nadia Lane ’19, Jack Markert ’19

    With self-government comes responsibility for self-discipline. The Judiciary is a group of students elected for the purpose of hearing and ruling on infractions of rules and standards within the Indian Springs community. Violations of Major School Rules are handled by the administration.
Springs’ Constitution Amended To Include Environmental Protection

Indian Springs School students and faculty voted in March 2018 to revise the school’s Constitution to mandate that elected student Commissioners of Protection take on the additional role of promoting environmental protection, most notably by leading campus recycling efforts. Read more here.