Student Life

Community Service

We encourage our students to participate in their world and change society for the better.
Since we opened our doors in 1952, Indian Springs School students and faculty have devoted time to working together to better their campus and community. Committed to the ideal of participatory citizenship and the importance of engaging in community-minded efforts to shape and improve the world around us, the school dedicates a full class day each fall and spring to service.

Organized by our student Commissioners of Citizenship, Springs’ Development Days allow students to choose from on-campus service projects, from trail marking to weatherproofing benches to cleaning the chem lab, to off-campus projects at nonprofits throughout the Birmingham area. Examples of off-campus volunteer sites include the YWCA, First Light, Habitat for Humanity, Girls Inc., the Greater Birmingham Humane Society, and many more.

This important culture of service also extends to Springs’ student-run clubs, which organize service projects throughout the school year, and to the extracurricular opportunities that our students pursue during the summer and year-round through programs such as Anytime Alabama, Peace Birmingham, and YouthServe.