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At Indian Springs School, we know that excitement means investment, and that motivation generates results. These principles guide our clubs and activities. Every club is student-managed. Responsibility rests with its student members, who collaborate with a faculty advisor. This reflects our belief in individual and group initiative, and ensures that clubs are expressions of student engagement. Clubs and activities may change from year to year, but they mirror the interests, concerns, and values of those who drive the experiences forward: our students.

The Woodward Post

The Woodward Post is an online monthly newspaper written, edited, and published by the students of Indian Springs School. Click here to read the latest issue.

2018–2019 Student Clubs

List of 23 items.

  • Amnesty International

    Inspires students to become involved activists by raising awareness of victims of injustice through educational events and outreach programs.
  • Art Club

    Shares appreciation and enjoyment of art.
  • Asian Culture Club

    Shares various aspects of Asian culture.
  • Black Student Caucus

    Promotes on-campus diversity and inclusion by eliminating racial barriers and raising awareness of the challenges that African-American students face.
  • Bridge Club

    Teaches teamwork and trick-taking strategies for the two-partner, four-person card game “Bridge” while competing in local tournaments.
  • Car Club

    Shares appreciation and enjoyment of cars.
  • Chess Club

    Teaches intellectual strategies for the board game chess while preparing to compete in regional and state championships.
  • Chinese Martial Arts Club

    Introduces students to Chinese culture, and practices Chinese martial arts.
  • Christianity Club

    Gathers to discuss various aspects of Christianity.
  • Climbing Club

    Gathers to practice rock climbing at local gyms and parks.
  • Culinary Research Club

    Researches recipes and practices cooking.
  • Eco Club

    Promotes sustainability through awareness, service, and fundraising.
  • F.I.G.H.T. Club

    Discusses cold case crimes and forensic science.
  • Friendship Bracelets Club

    Crafts friendship bracelets for hospitalized children.
  • Gender Equality Club

    Fosters a progressive discussion of gender equality, supporting women and women’s rights and empowering members to be catalysts for change.
  • Gender Sexuality Alliance

    Promotes an on-campus culture of acceptance while addressing the needs of LGBTQ+ students and advocating for LGBTQ+ causes in the community.  
  • Habitat for Humanity Club

    Assists in building and repairing homes for community members in need while advocating for better and more affordable housing conditions.
  • Humanities Club

    Encourages meaningful and interesting discussion of current events, history, philosophy, and politics.
  • Interfaith Club

    Promotes interfaith awareness on campus.
  • Jazz Club

    Gathers to play jazz music together.
  • Jew Crew

    Promotes a community-wide learning of Jewish culture and customs by celebrating Jewish holidays, wearing Jewish clothing, and sharing Jewish food. 
  • Junior States of America

    Civically and politically engages students through discussion, debate, activism projects, and leadership development.
  • Key Club

    Provides opportunities to build character and develop leadership skills through community service projects supported by Kiwanis International.

List of 23 items.

  • Knitting Club

    Teaches knitting and donates knitted products to the community.
  • Listening to Music Club

    Shares the enjoyment of listening to music.
  • Math Club

    Explores complex concepts in mathematics while developing logic and problem-solving skills and competing in academic contests.
  • Mental Health Awareness Club

    Spreads awareness of common mental health issues and teaches how to help yourself and others. 
  • Mock Trial Club

    Teaches students about the American judicial system and competes in tournaments.
  • Model United Nations Club

    Fosters a political discussion of international affairs while preparing students to attend conferences that simulate United Nations procedures.
  • Outdoors Club

    Shares the enjoyment of the outdoors.
  • Psychology Club

    Explores interests in the feild of psychology.
  • Records and Roasts

    Shares coffee and good music.
  • Robotics Club

    Explores basic and advanced concepts in mechanical engineering and three-dimensional design by building robots for entry in competitions.
  • Scholars Bowl

    Practices for and competes in local scholars bowl competitions.
  • Science Olympiad

    Provides a competitive opportunity for students to explore scientific topics while developing skills in research and experimentation.
  • Songwriting Club

    Offers a collaborative environment for students to write music together.
  • Spanish Club

    Studies Spanish language and culture while competing in Spanish Convention tournaments and volunteering with Latin American outreach groups.
  • Springs Sitters

    Provides parents and faculty a catalogue of students who are interested in babysitting, pet sitting, and/or house sitting and allows students to gain work experience, while strengthening the Springs community and creating new connections.
  • Swan Con

    Invites students to make new friends over pop culture discussions.
  • Ultimate Frisbee Club

    Invites students to get outside and practice playing ultimate frisbee.
  • Video Game Club

    Brings students together by hanging out and playing video games.
  • Writing Club

    Creates a community of writers who support and critique each other’s work.
  • Yearbook Club

    Creates and distributes an annual yearbook after documenting student activities and events during the school year.
  • Yoga Club

    Teaches simple yoga practices for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Young Democrats

    Promotes an understanding of Democratic and liberal values through small-group political debates and on-campus guest speakers.
  • Young Libertarians

    Explore concepts of freedom and discusses alternate political views.