Welcome to the team—we’re so glad you’ve chosen to play for Springs!
As a member school of the Alabama High School Athletic Association (AHSAA), we require all student-athletes to submit a Physical Form, a Concussion Form, and a Release Form, as well as a signed National Federation of State High School Association (NFHS) Sportsmanship Certificate and a copy of their birth certificate. All five documents must be submitted as a hard copy to school nurse Amy Wammack before the athletic season begins.

Please note that the Physical Form, Concussion Form, and Release Form must be completed and submitted each year that a student-athlete participates in Springs athletics. The certificates need to be submitted only once.

Please see below for more information, and click on the buttons to download the forms.

Before they can participate in practices and games, all student-athletes must receive a yearly physical examination by a physician to ensure they are healthy enough for athletics. The Preparticipation Physical Exam Form must be printed and taken to a physician for completion and signature, then submitted to the school nurse with the student’s other forms.
All student-athletes and their guardians must sign a Concussion Form each year, indicating that they understand the symptoms and dangers of head injuries and agree to the AHSAA Concussion Policy requiring all athletes who exhibit possible side effects of a head injury to sit out for the remainder of the game and return to playing only after obtaining a medical release.
All student-athletes and their guardians must sign a Release Form each year, indicating that they they 1) understand and accept the physical risks associated with athletics, 2) grant emergency care permission for athletes under the supervision of their school, 3) grant access to the student’s personal health and academic information, and 4) grant all media permissions.
All student-athletes are required to complete the NFHS online course in Sportsmanship. Students should see Athletic Director Greg Van Horn or their athletic coaches for information on completing the course. Upon completion, each student will receive a certificate that is to be printed and submitted with the student’s other forms.
All student-athletes are also required to submit a scanned copy of their original birth certificate.
Please contact Amy Wammack at awammack@indiansprings.org or 205.477.0587 if you have questions.