Student Government Celebrates Successful Scav Hunt 2018

Springs’ Student Government celebrated the success of Scav Hunt 2018 by thanking the record number of participants and by honoring the top two teams with donations to the charities of their choice!

Forty teams—representing 200 students and 17 faculty—tackled 100 tasks as part of the fifth annual event, held Sept. 12–20. Compiled and scored by an eight-member Scav Hunt Committee, tasks ranged from creative (re-creating photos from past issues of the Khalas yearbook) to performance-based (singing Broadway tunes in the Town Hall Rotunda) to athletic (three-legged races on McLean Lawn). Other tasks, such as a multi-staged secret task, highlighted Springs traditions and history.

The team Sauce Bosses 2.0—made up of Shelby Connor ’19, Gio Garza ’20, Heather Khamis ’19, Liv Komisar ’19, Sela Komisar ’22, and Lucy Zheng ’19—placed first in the eight-day competition, followed closely by second-place winner Maxime’s Fan ClubAlice Goff ’20, Lexi Hodson ’20, Grace McCarty ’20, Sophie Reiff ’20, Hayden Schell ’22, and Zola Thompson ’22. Both teams earned more than 3,000 points.

Members of the Scav Hunt Committee, which included Mayor Kadie Jacobs ‘19, Maya Cassady ’19, Virginia Gray ’20, John David Haws ’20, Graham Holder ’19, Logan Mercer ’19, Spencer Robinson ’19, Isaac Zhou ’19, and faculty advisor Stephanie Thomas, celebrated team achievements and top scorers Monday at Springs’ weekly Town Meeting. Jacobs announced that Springs’ Student Government will present $1,000 to the Greater Birmingham Humane Society in honor of the Sauce Bosses 2.0, and $500 to Special Equestrians for Maxime’s Fan Club.

“I am overjoyed with the turnout for this year’s Scav Hunt!” says Jacobs. “Scav Hunt is about getting together with best friends and new friends to bond over tasks and make memories. I had the most fun watching teams put their hearts and souls into tasks, even ones that weren’t worth many points. I'm grateful that so many people wanted to be involved. I think it has set an amazing tone for the semester and the school year.”