Head of School Search

The Search Committee is pleased to announce two finalists for the Head of School position. In alphabetical order, they are:
David Landis, Associate Head for Academic Affairs, Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School, Rabun Gap, Georgia

Scott Schamberger, Assistant Headmaster for Admission and College Counseling, Woodberry Forest School, Woodberry Forest, Virginia

A brief bio for each of them may be found here.

We have scheduled times for the candidates to meet with students, parents, and alums. We ask students, parents, and alumni to complete an online survey for each candidate as soon after his visit as possible.
On behalf of the Permanent Head Search Committee,
Lia Rushton, P '09, '11
Chair of the Interim and Permanent Head Search Committees
Indian Springs School Board of Governors

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  • Search Committee

    Chair: Lia Rushton, P '09, '11
    Janet Perry Book P ’04, ’09
    Elizabeth Goodrich P '20, '23
    Jonathan Gray
    Kyung Han '85
    Jonathan Horn '75
    Randall Minor '99
    Hanson Slaughter ’90, P ’20, ’22
    Callen Bair Thistle '01
  • Parent Advisory Committee

    Misty Antoon, P '22, '23
    Gloria Ge, P '21
    David Haws, P '20
    Tameeka Marshall, P '21
    Heidi Molbak, P '19
    Lisa Schwiebert, P '17, '19
    Valerie Thompson '87, P '16, '21
    Rick Tozzi, P '20, '22
    Paul Weir, P '21
  • Alumni Advisory Committee

    Charles Robinson '59
    Martin Damsky '68, P '98
    Carole Griffin '78, P '17
    Mark Sabel '84, P '21, '23
    Radhika Patil DeLaire '96
    J. W. Carpenter '97
    Emily Hess Levine '01
    Kevin Mayo '11