Tuition & Financial Aid

Payment Plans

Indian Springs School awards $1.7 million in financial aid each year and is committed to providing an exceptional education to talented, motivated students regardless of their families’ ability to pay.
Indian Springs offers three tuition payment plans to accommodate each family's payment preference. The plans are administered by Smart Tuition. Please read below for a description of each option. You will select your payment option at the time of enrollment.

Payment Plans

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  • 10-Month Smart Tuition Payment Plan

    Families can pay in 10 equal monthly payments through Smart Tuition with the first payment due and payable on June 5 or June 20, and the remaining payments due and payable on the 5th or the 20th of each month.
  • Annual Smart Tuition Payment Plan

    Families pay the full-year tuition through Smart Tuition by June 5 (a $200 deduction is made from the balance for a pre-payment discount).
  • Semi-Annual Smart Tuition Payment Plan

    Families can elect to pay their tuition balance in two equal payments through Smart Tuition. The first payment is due and payable June 5, and the second payment is due and payable by November 5.