Tuition & Financial Aid

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Indian Springs School awards $1.7 million in financial aid each year and is committed to providing an exceptional education to talented, motivated students regardless of their families’ ability to pay.
As the cost of independent schools continues to rise, Indian Springs recognizes the gap between the cost of tuition and a family's ability to pay. While the primary responsibility for funding the cost of education resides with the family, we understand the need for additional financial resources for many families. All aid is awarded in the form of a tuition grant. Indian Springs currently provides financial support to 27 percent of the student body.

In no way does a family's financial circumstances affect a student's admission decision. Financial aid awards are determined after an admission decision has been made. All financial aid information is kept confidential. Financial aid is available to students of any race, gender, creed, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin.

*Please keep in mind the deadlines for need-based financial aid. Families who are interested in need-based financial aid must meet the appropriate deadlines in order to be considered. Interested families are encouraged to complete the financial aid application process at the same time as the admission application process.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Indian Springs School Interim Director of Admission & Financial Aid Christine Copeland.

Need-Based Financial Aid

Need-Based Financial Aid awards are grants awarded to qualifying students who otherwise would not be able to attend Indian Springs. Indian Springs works with the School and Students Services (SSS) for need-based financial aid applications. This organization provides Indian Springs with a confidential statement of need based upon an application for financial aid completed by parents (Parents' Financial Statement—PFS). Additionally, families are asked to provide a copy of their tax information in order to verify the information provided in the PFS. Indian Springs will use this information to help make fair and objective financial aid decisions.

How To Apply for Financial Aid

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Indian Springs is proud to offer a number of named, need-based financial aid scholarships. All students applying through the need-based financial aid program will be considered for named scholarships.

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  • Alan Matthews '68 Scholarship Fund

    Established in 2015 by Cecilia Matthews, wife of Alan Matthews. The scholarship will be awarded with a preference for students with significant financial need who embody Alan’s special character and love for Indian Springs School.
  • Anna and Seymour Gitenstein Prize

    Established in 1993 by Dr. Seymour Gitenstein for his Anna, who died of Alzheimer’s disease in 1988. Dr. Seymour donated an enormous amount of money to Alzheimer’s research, including to research labs ta UAB (who gave him an honorary PhD). Seymour passes away in 2010 and his son Mark ’64 is now the main contact. This award will be presented to a student from rural Alabama, chosen on the basis of his/her academic performance.
  • Annaliese W. and Bert H. Wiesel Memorial Scholarship

    Established in 1996 by Dr. Bert Wiesel Sr. This award to be presented to a “B” (average) student, interested in basketball or tennis. A preference will be given to students with financial need. Selection of the recipients shall be made by a committee identified by the director of the school.
  • Armstrong Scholarship

  • Billie Grace Goodrich Scholarship

    Established in 2003 for Billie Grace Goodrich, mother of Mike, Sydney (Green), and Bill Goodrich and wife of Henry Goodrich; In memory of Billie Grace Goodrich’s devotion to and faith in young women from rural southern towns. This award provides up to a full boarding scholarship at Indian Springs School for a young woman with financial need. The chosen scholar will retain the scholarship for her entire time at Indian Springs School. Candidates for the scholarship will be from young women in rural areas in the following states: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, or Tennessee. 
  • Brooks Hines Memorial Scholarship

    Established in in 1985 by Dr. John Simmons ’65. John Simmons was very close with his classmate Brooks Hines, (he even named one of his sons Brooks). This award is honor of his friend, Brooks Hines. This award will be presented to a student leader, active in student government or other student activities. Preferential consideration for students who demonstrate financial need and boarding students from outside the Birmingham area.
  • Bruce McFarland Endowed Scholarship

    Established in 2007 by Bruce McFarland. Students shall be selected based on their academic excellence and financial need. Moreover, for students who would not, but for this scholarship, be financially able to attend Springs.
  • Carter T. Saxon '56 Scholarship

    Established in 1986 by John and Mary Sue Saxon. This award to be presented to students who exhibit character and are in need of fulltime boarding.
  • Keehn Berry Endowed Scholarship

    Established in 2007 by Keehn Berry. The basis for this annual award will include the academic record of the student and his/her contribution to student activities in the Indian Springs community. Preferential consideration will be given to students with demonstrated financial need.
  • Lara G. Hoggard Music Scholarship

    Established in 2009 by Frank Samford. Dr. Lara G Hoggard was a talented musician who taught at UNC Chapel Hill, directed music for national broadcasts on NBC and CBS, and guest lectured across Europe and the United States. This award to be presented to a student in grades 8-12. Student should be in top five percent of his/her class and be an outstanding vocalist or musician. Must audition or send a performance tape for scholarship eligibility.
  • Liberty-Torchmark Scholarship

    Established in 2006 by Liberty National Life Insurance. This award to be presented to students who have been admitted or are currently attending ISS. Students should demonstrate that they possess requisite skills, aptitude, abilities and desire to succeed in the course of study they are pursuing.
  • Steve Landry Memorial Scholarship

    Established in 2014 by Larry and Jan Landry.  A preference in students returning to Indian Springs School interested in music or fine arts.
  • The Malone Scholarships

    In 2004, Indian Springs was named a Malone Scholarship School by the Malone Family Foundation. The foundation granted a generous $2 million endowment to establish the Malone Scholarship Program, which provides scholarships to exceptionally gifted students with the motivation to excel in this highly academic environment. Eligibility is based on academic achievement, citizenship and leadership potential, and demonstrated financial need.
  • Bernard A. Monaghan Scholarship

    The Monaghan Scholarship is awarded to prospective and current students to maintain the breadth and diversity of the student body and to add students to Indian Springs who will contribute significantly to the boarding program, and, in turn, gain from the experience.
  • Harsh Family Scholarship

    The Harsh Family Scholarship is awarded to a current or prospective student from Alabama with outstanding academic promise who otherwise would not attend Indian Springs.
  • Acworth Scholarship

    The Acworth Scholarship, established by the Acworth Foundation, is awarded to academically gifted prospective students.
  • Andy Abroms Memorial Scholarship-Summer Programs

    The Abroms Scholarship is awarded to current students to enhance their educational experience through summer study program. The basis for the awards includes the merit of the proposed program, the student's academic ability, and the potential impact to the study of the proposed study program. Students must complete a separate Abroms Scholarship application process.