Tuition & Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Indian Springs School awards $1.7 million in financial aid each year and is committed to providing an exceptional education to talented, motivated students regardless of their families’ ability to pay.
As the cost of independent schools continues to rise, Indian Springs recognizes the gap between the cost of tuition and a family's ability to pay. While the primary responsibility for funding the cost of education resides with the family, we understand the need for additional financial resources for many families. All aid is awarded in the form of a tuition grant. Indian Springs currently provides financial support to 27 percent of the student body.

In no way does a family's financial circumstances affect a student's admission decision. Financial aid awards are determined after an admission decision has been made. All financial aid information is kept confidential. Financial aid is available to students of any race, gender, creed, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin.

Need-Based Financial Aid

Need-Based Financial Aid awards are grants awarded to qualifying students who otherwise would not be able to attend Indian Springs. Indian Springs is proud to offer a number of named, need-based financial aid scholarships. All students applying for financial aid will be considered for scholarships.

Indian Springs works with the School and Students Services (SSS) for need-based financial aid applications. This organization provides Indian Springs with a confidential statement of need-based upon an application for financial aid completed by parents (Parents' Financial Statement—PFS). Additionally, families are asked to provide a copy of their tax information in order to verify the information provided in the PFS. Indian Springs will use this information to help make fair and objective financial aid decisions.

*Please keep in mind the deadlines for need-based financial aid. Families who are interested in need-based financial aid must meet the appropriate deadlines in order to be considered. Interested families are encouraged to complete the financial aid application process simultaneously as the admission application process.

September 1, 2021: SSS Portal Opens, PFS Available
December 1, 2021
: Returning Students Deadline
February 1, 2022
: New Students Deadline

How To Apply for Financial Aid

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  • 1. Complete the Parents' Financial Statement.

    September 1, 2021: SSS Portal Opens, PFS Available
    December 1, 2021: Returning Students Deadline
    February 1, 2022: New Students Deadline

    The Parents' Financial Statement (PFS) is the main document of the financial aid application process. This self-reported document provides information regarding your income, expenses, and other important details. If there are any special circumstances or items that require explanation, please include those in the PFS. The more insight you can provide into your family's financial circumstances, the more accurately the Financial Aid Committee can assess your family's financial circumstances. Click here for more information.
  • 2. Submit required tax information to SSS.

    September 1, 2021: SSS Portal Opens, PFS Available
    December 1, 2021: Returning Students Deadline
    February 1, 2022: New Students Deadline

    Please send copies of your 2021 IRS 1040 Tax Return, schedules, statements, and W-2 forms directly to SSS. Keep in mind that all information shared with SSS is kept confidential between SSS and Indian Springs School.