Admissions Dates & FAQs

Day Students

Day applicants who meet the January 25 deadline will be notified by February 5. Applications received after January 25 will be reviewed and students will be admitted on a rolling basis as space permits.
Admission and financial aid applications DUE
Admission notifications
Enrollment contracts DUE for new day students

Boarding Students

Boarding applicants who meet the February 15 deadline will be notified by March 10. Applications received after February 15 will be reviewed and students will be admitted on a rolling basis as space permits.
Admission applications DUE

Admission and financial aid notifications
Enrollment contracts DUE for boarding students

Frequently Asked Questions

List of 8 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. Will my application for financial aid influence my child's application for admission?

    All admission applications are reviewed by the Admission Committee and will receive an admission decision based on their application alone. All families applying for financial aid will then have their financial aid application reviewed by the Financial Aid Committee to determine if aid is needed or available. If you have additional questions please feel free to contact the Director of Admission & Financial Aid.
  • Q. When should my child apply for admission to Indian Springs?

    We will begin accepting applications on September 1. All prospective families are encouraged to start the process as early as possible in the fall. With a highly selective admission process and only a limited number of spots available, starting the application process early is recommended.
  • Q. What is the most important part of my application?

    While strong scholastic achievement (as shown by a student's academic record, standardized test scores, and teacher recommendations) is important, it does not guarantee admission. Other important factors include the applicant's character, personality, motivation, extracurricular interests, and the ability to fit into the Indian Springs community.
  • Q. What does Indian Springs look for in applicants?

    Indian Springs looks for academic achievement and promise, as shown by a student's transcripts, test scores, and teacher recommendations. We also pay close attention to personal qualities, which we measure through motivation, character, extracurricular interests, and the willingness to make an impact on the Springs community.
  • Q. How early can I apply to Indian Springs?

    All applicants can begin the application process for the 2020-21 school year on September 1.

    All day students must complete the application by January 25. All boarding students must complete the application by February 15. Supporting admission materials including application, application fee, recommendations, standardized testing, interview, and transcripts must be submitted in order for your application to be reviewed.
  • Q. Will families receive the same financial aid award year to year?

    Each family receiving financial aid will be required to complete the financial aid process annually to determine eligibility. A family's financial situation may change from year to year, and awards will be adjusted to reflect the amount for which a family qualifies.
  • Q. How competitive is the applicant pool?

    Each year the Admission Office receives approximately 200 applications for 75 places. All applicants are encouraged to finish their application no later than the published deadlines.
  • Q. Does Indian Springs have any specific policies with respect to transgender or gender nonconforming students and applicants?

    Inclusion is one of Indian Springs’ Core Values, and the school strives to provide a safe and supportive environment that will help students succeed academically and socially. To that end, the school promotes respect for all people, and will not tolerate harassment or bullying based on gender identity or expression that impacts a student’s experience at the school (whether the bullying or harassment takes place on or off campus), including cyber-bullying through the use of electronic technology. Particularly with respect to transgender and gender-nonconforming students, the school will work closely with students and their families to strive to honor students’ wishes with respect to use of school facilities, the accuracy of student records, use of preferred name and pronouns, and privacy, in accordance with applicable law, and to the extent that the school’s campus facilities reasonably permit.