Distance Learning

Distance Learning

Indian Springs began distance learning on March 19 and announced on April 2 that the school will continue virtual classes for the remainder of the 2019–2020 school year. Please see below for more information about our distance learning program.

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  • Schedule

    Indian Springs faculty and administrators worked together to develop a new schedule for distance learning, the main goals of which were to make classes accessible to all students, be mindful of the time students spend online, and allow flexibility for instructional methods. Classes operate on a weekly rotation and on a daily schedule that includes 30-minute periods in the morning and 60-minute periods in the afternoon. Teachers may choose to meet in the morning and/or in the afternoon but may not exceed 60 minutes of class time on any given day.
  • Classes

    Teachers meet with students over Zoom, an online video conferencing platform. Class time may consist of lectures and class discussions or independent work on assignments. Each class will have a final project, essay, or exam that covers the material the students have learned.
  • Technology

    As a member of the Malone Schools Online Network, Indian Springs has teachers with extensive experience in online learning. Dean of Academics Dr. Tanya Hyatt, Math/Computer Science teacher Dr. Jon Gray, and Computer Science/Engineering teacher William Belser have led our transition to virtual classes. We are committed to ensuring our teachers and students are equipped with the tools that they need to succeed in distance learning.

    For questions about Zoom, please contact For questions about Blackbaud, please contact For questions about school-issued laptops, please contact
  • Attendance

    Attendance is taken at the beginning of every class. While we encourage all students to log into their classes on time, we understand that some may have trouble accessing classes at the time they are given—especially those who live internationally. For this reason, all classes are recorded and made available to students who are unable to access them in real-time.

    For questions about attendance, please contact
  • Advising

    The members of Indian Springs’ Student Support Team—School Counselor Anne Cook Burruss, School Nurse Amy Wammack, Director of Residential Life Mandy Griffin, Dean of Academics Dr. Tanya Hyatt, and Dean of Students William Blackerby—are committed to ensuring students and parents are supported through the challenges of distance learning. Students continue to meet with their advisory groups once a week over Zoom. Parents are receiving regular updates and helpful resources from School Counselor Anne Cook Burruss.
  • Boarding

    Indian Springs’ dorms will remain open indefinitely for any boarding student wishing to stay on campus. There are currently around 30 students in the dorms. Once a boarding student has returned home, they may not return to campus until the start of the 2020–21 school year. Please see our most recent letter to boarding parents for more information.

    For questions about Residential Life, please contact


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Student Leadership

During this period of transition, we continue to be impressed by the leadership of Indian Springs’ Student Government. Click here to watch a special video message from Mayor John Slaughter '20. 

Anna Clark Velasco '88, parent of Leah Velasco '23

We are so grateful that Springs has created a robust distance learning program. During such an isolating time, the interactive classes allow Leah to remain engaged in her school community. The class schedule provides a much-needed structure and injects normalcy into the chaos. And from the sounds coming from her room, Leah is enjoying, laughing, and definitely Learning through Living. I send huge thanks to the teachers and staff who have really provided an inspired learning atmosphere under the most trying circumstances.

Maye Frei, Parent of Mimi Frei '23

Team Indian Springs, I think I speak for most parents in letting you know how grateful we are for your hard work, creativity, and diligence in developing the system (and the content) for online classes. Learning through Living certainly takes on a new meaning during these surreal times, so thank you for keeping the mission going!

For Prospective Families

Admission to Indian Springs School is a rolling process, so we are still accepting applications for the 2020–2021 school year. Please visit our admissions page to connect with a member of our admissions team and schedule a virtual information session.