Our Mission

Guided by our motto, Learning through Living, Indian Springs School fosters a love of learning and creativity, a sense of integrity and moral courage, and an ethic of participatory citizenship with respect for individuality and independent thought. 

Our Core Values

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  • Inclusion

    We believe that in order for students to meet their full potential, they must be able to trust that their community accepts them for who they are. We strive always to be a community of inclusion that embraces and promotes diversity of background, belief, and thought.
  • Infinite Respect

    We believe that strong communities are built on mutual respect and an appreciation for all, regardless of differences. As a supportive community of students, faculty, alumni, parents, and friends, we seek to foster and demonstrate limitless respect for one another, our campus, ourselves, and our world.
  • Innovative Thinking

    At Indian Springs School, we believe strongly that innovative thinking and creative problem-solving are critical to meeting the challenges of an increasingly global and competitive world. We value the fact that each of our students brings to the school community a unique set of interests, beliefs, abilities, and passions, and we strive through our thoughtful and flexible academic program, varied extracurricular opportunities, and meaningful faculty-student interactions to enable our students to grow as individuals and as independent thinkers.
  • Integrity

    We value personal integrity and seek to develop in our students a sense of moral courage to make honorable choices, both in and out of the classroom. Because the right choice is not always the easy choice, we strive regularly to highlight instructive examples of integrity in thought, word, and deed.
  • Intellectual Curiosity

    We believe that our students have the capacity to solve some of the most challenging problems that our world faces. Before they can find meaningful answers, they must learn to ask meaningful questions. We seek to foster in our students a lifelong love of learning and an appreciation for how much more we have yet to explore.
  • Involvement

    Since the school’s inception in 1952, participatory citizenship has been a cornerstone of our educational philosophy. We believe that each of our students has a personal responsibility to continually shape and improve the school community. Involvement comes in many forms: taking part in student government and other activities, engaging in meaningful discussions in and out of class, collaborating actively with peers on group assignments, and engaging in community-minded efforts that better our campus and our world.